Sweeba update 1.1.8



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Sweeba update 1.1.8

Sweeba is constantly evolving behind the scenes and with that being said here are a few of the recently added features/fixes and upcoming updates in version 1.1.8.

Fixes and updates

- Members who post their first Sweeb now get 10 Free exposure credits.
- Members who complete Profile now get 25 Free exposure credits. Progress bar on update account page shows progress.
- Aesthetic changes to the surf page.
- Created email system to email members with less than 10 credits who have surfed atleast 1 page in 30 days.
- Leaderboard update.

Next update

- Changes to Raffle so members are automatically entered into the daily draw for surfing 50 pages in a given server day.
- The ability for members to chose between displaying their sites (in Edit Profile area) or their Sweebs. The sites will be displayed within an Iframe on the surf page.
- Changes to Edit Profile page to include a container to display members membership status.

Suggest a Fix or Feature

Simply comment if you would like to see a new feature added or you would like to see something fixed. Thanks for your continued support!